Angora Merino Rayon A true exotic yarn from the hills of Peru. It's an intimate blend of 40% Angora / 40% Merino / 20% Rayon. This three-ply 2200 yds/lb yarn should be used for that special garment where a soft luxurious feeling is needed. Wash one time, than flat dried to bring out its full softness. Once washed, we recommend Dry Clean.

Bright Acrylic A suitable yarn for sweaters that has a similar look of mercerized cotton. It is 2200 yds/lb. Machine wash / tumble dry.

Cameo is a 3/15 high bulk acrylic with 2,300 yds/lb. It is used on all standard mid-gauge, and bulky machines. Cameo gives a very soft hand feeling. Machine wash / Tumble dry.

Chenille is a woven-cut, 100% rayon with 1,300 yds/lb. Our Chenille is used by many garment manufacturers. Chenille can be used in stockinette, fairisle, and jacquard. Our Venesian is dyed to match the Chenille and can be used for knit trims and bottoms. Chenille is an excellent yarn for weaving. Try the Venesian with the Chenille in a 1x1 fairisle for a truly classic mix. Hand wash/Flat dry. Do Not Tumble.

Cotton Ice is a six-ply, 65% combed cotton/35% bright viscose rayon with 2,100 yds/lb. It is an excellent blend combining the softness of cotton with the sheen and dyeability of rayon. This high twist yarn resists pilling, yet gives a soft tailored garment. Cotton Ice is an ideal yarn for Spring. Also, Cotton Ice can be used for weaving. Hand wash/Flat dry or Dry Clean.

Designer 727 is a two-ply, 80% Australian wool/20% bright viscose rayon with 2,200 yds/lb. This is the finest wool-ray available. Designer 727 has a slightly higher twist than the ordinary yarns which gives the knitted garments a more tailored look when made on the standard machine. We have enameled buttons to match this yarn. Custom colors are available with a minimum order of 50 lb. for a small additional charge. Hand wash/Flat dry, we recommend Dry Clean. Other available Designer series yarns are:
Designer 200 is a two ply 80% Australian wool/20% bright viscose rayon with 6500 yds/lb.
Designer 400 is a two ply 80% Australian wool/20% bright viscose rayon with 4000 yds/lb
Designer 500 is a two ply 80% Australian wool/20% bright viscose rayon with 3400 yds/lb
Designer 506 A two ply 80% Australian wool/bright viscose krinkle boucle with 3000 yds/lb
Designer 800 is a two ply Australian wool/bright viscose bulky yarn with 1100 yds/lb

Firefly is a two-ply, 55% bright viscose rayon/45% French acrylic with 2,200 yds/lb. This yarn gives the sheen of rayon without the weight. Firefly is a very good dress yarn with the convenience of machine wash and dry. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Flash is a six-ply, 60% acrylic/25% antron nylon/15% metallic with 1,900 yds/lb. Flash is a great dress, suit, and sweater yarn. It has a very soft metallic hand feeling with a high twist to avoid pilling. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Fleece is a three-ply, 100% fine merino wool with 1,650 yds/lb. Fleece is a very fine quality wool made much like our Softball Cotton. Fleece is excellent for that "wool ski sweater". Hand wash/Flat dry or Dry Clean.

Fluff is a one-ply, taslanized bright acrylic with 1,900 yds/lb. Fluff is a soft hair yarn very similar to mohair without the high cost. The hand felling becomes softer each time you machine wash and tumble dry your garment. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Four Seasons (Panache) is a six-ply, bright 100% acrylic with 2,200 yds/lb. As the name implies, this cotton-like acrylic is perfect for garments for all seasons. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Germaine is a bright viscose 100% rayon boucle with 2,100 yds/lb. Germaine is a fashion yarn suitable for fine dresses, sweaters, and skirts. This yarn is favored by many design houses. Germaine can be used for weaving. Hand wash/Flat dry, we recommend Dry Clean.

Kola is a four-ply, 100% merino wool with 1,100 yds/lb. Kola is suitable for both standard and bulky machines and for hand knitting. Hand wash/Flat dry.

KP Cotton Is your basic carded cotton in a knitting twist. About 3800 yds/lb. Use it two strands for the standard machine. Machine wash/tumble dry.

Krinklespun This is the standard for the industry. It's a two-ply bright acrylic/nylon. The yarn size is 2/28, and can be used for thread lace and all double-knit work. Yardage is over 4000 yds/lb. Machine wash/tumble dry.

Linen A good quality 20 lea product from Scotland. This yarn is suitable for weaving and mixing in a sweater. Hand wash/Dry Flat.

Madison is a bright 85% acrylic/15% antron nylon with 2,700 yds/lb. Madison has the look of an expensive dress yarn and is very suitable for jackets, skirts, pants, and tops. Madison is an excellent yarn for lace and tuck stitches. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Magik A two-ply acrylic with a space dyed thread going through it. Gives a subdued multi color effect. Yardage is 2200 yds/lb. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Newlite is a two-ply, 80% acrylic/20% soft nylon with 2,600 yds/lb. Newlite is an excellent dress yarn for the classic tailored look. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Newlon 2/12 is a two-ply yarn made of 100% high bulk worsted spun acrylic with 3,00 yds/lb. It is an excellent yarn for knitting items such as sweaters, baby ensembles, afghans, and much more. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Newlon 2/24 Petite is a two-ply, high bulk, worsted spun, 100% acrylic yarn with 6,000 yds/lb. At half the size of our Newlon 2/12, Newlon 2/24 makes a very good yarn for double bed knitting. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Oasis is a four-ply, high bulk, worsted spun acrylic with 1,000 yds/lb. Oasis is made exclusively for bulky machines and hand knitting. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Pima 5/2 is a two-ply, mercerized, long staple cotton with 3,000 yds/lb. Pima is the finest cotton available. Pima's ability to resist pilling makes the garments more durable and longer lasting. Use Pima to weave. Hand wash/ Flat dry or Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Puff 'n' Stuff is a novelty blend of acrylic/rayon/and wool with 700 yds/lb. Puff 'n' Stuff is a very fancy soft seed yarn for the bulky machine or hand knitting. An interesting fact for those who machine knit with Puff 'n' Stuff will find that all of the seeds in the yarn will come to one side of the fabric. Hand wash/Flat dry.

Serenade is a four-ply, 80% high bulk worsted spun acrylic/20% bright antron nylon. This is a high twist yarn similar in appearance and weight to Designer 727. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Shetland Wool A product of England. It's a three run wool which means about 1800 yds/lb. 100% Wool. Dry Clean.

Softball Cotton is a three-ply, 100% combed cotton with 1,850 yds/lb. This yarn is the industry standard for soft cotton sweaters. The shades are fast dyed. Hand wash/Flat dry.

Softball Cotton Bulky Similar to our standard softball but in a bulky weight. Hand wash/Flat dry.

Softball with Lycra This yarn has 5% Lycra in the yarn It makes the yarn have stretch and retain its shape better. Hand wash/Flat dry.

Summer Cotton is a 10/3, 100% combed soft cotton with 2,800 yds/lb. Summer Cotton is a beautiful yarn for those soft spring and summer garments. This yarn is excellent for sweaters. Machine wash/Tumble dry.

Venesian is a 70% wool/30% bright rayon, soft twist yarn with 2,400 yds/lb. Venesian is one of the industry standards for woolray. It can be used for all types of garments. In addition, Venesian is excellent as a weaving yarn. We have specially dyed our Chenille to match the Venesian to give you even more design flexibility. Hand wash/Flat dry, we recommend Dry Clean.

Weaving Cotton A great three-ply weaving twist fast dyed cotton. Also good for a hard finish sweater. It has 2200 yds/lb. Machine wash/tumble dry.

Wrapped Acrylic A two-ply bright acrylic with a small slub. A great yarn for sweaters or jackets Its very suitable for the standard knitting machine. Machine wash/tumble dry.

Zado is a two-ply, 90% acrylic/10% antron nylon yarn with 2,100 yds/lb. Zado is excellent for sweaters, afghans, and much more. Machine wash/Tumble dry.